101-Year-Old Veteran Walks Granddaughter Down the Aisle to Fulfill Her Dream after Losing Dad

Family ties are unbreakable and one grandfather from Edinburgh, Scotland, displayed his love for family in a heartwarming way. His granddaughter needed someone to walk her down the aisle, and the 101-year-old did not disappoint.

An ex-paratrooper and retired GP deserved the grandfather of the year award. Despite his old age, William MacLean was able to make a beloved family member’s dream come true.

His grandchild, Sarah Morson of Manchester, England, was getting married. However, a cloud of sadness hung over the excitement of the day. Her dad wasn’t there to see her say “I Do” to the love of her life.

Her Father Was No Longer Around
Like many little girls, Morson imagined her dad would be there to walk her to the altar on her big day. But he wasn’t. Her father passed away due to cancer 11 years before she was ready to make the lifelong commitment.

Thankfully, there was another remarkable man in Morson’s life—her grandfather, and she asked him to do the honors and give her away in 2015.

Photos of the grandfather with his granddaughter on her wedding day were beautiful and quickly went viral, garnering numerous comments.

Making Her Dreams Come True
Morson and MacLean always shared a close-knit bond, and the granddaughter recalled her grandfather’s delight when she told him about her engagement. Consequently, she made him an integral part of the big day. She added:

“I absolutely adore him. He was very happy when we were engaged, so we thought it would be a happy thing for him to look forward to.”

MacLean had lost his wife in 2014 and was sickly, but nothing would come in the way of granting his granddaughter’s request. He would be by her side no matter what

His Granddaughter Was Proud of Him
After gathering all of his strength, the dapper grandfather arrived at the Holy Trinity Church in Whitfield, Northumberland. He was at Morson’s service just like he had been at his country’s service many years before.

MacLean wore his official military uniform and all his medals, thrilled to be a part of the unforgettable ceremony. His granddaughter was over the moon and grateful for his presence. She expressed:

“I could not be more proud of him. He has dealt with a lot as a war hero, and personally also.”

The granddaughter shared that MacLean took his role in the wedding very seriously, giving her husband advice and informing him that she was his responsibility now.

They Shared a Close Bond
Morson lived far away from her grandfather, but she visited whenever possible. Their time together was always spent holding hands because he enjoyed it, noting that people didn’t often like touching older citizens.

MacLean lived a courageous life, serving during the Normandy landings and showing not even an ounce of fear. He dreamed of becoming a pilot, but color blindness prevented this.

However, he still had a successful military career that he was immensely proud of. While his hopes of being in control of an airplane were never met, MacLean did help make his granddaughter’s dreams a reality.

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