102-year-old birthday girl celebrates with an epic and roaring 20s-themed party

Elouise Lyons from Kansas City celebrated her 102nd birthday in style. The birthday theme was the roaring 20s which was perfect because she was born in 1920.

It was an epic celebration, and Elouise was dressed as if she were attending a party thrown by the Great Gatsby. All of her friends came together to visit Glenwood Village in Overland Park.

Even after so many years, Elouise couldn’t tell the secret of her long life. She could only say that she and her twin sister definitely did something right.

Elouise’s twin sister was celebrating their birthday in San Francisco because she couldn’t come to the party. They have many memories and have seen many historical changes and events.

Paul Lyons, Elouise’s son, commented that they had just started using airplanes when his mother and aunt were born. It was hard to imagine how long ago that was.

Elouise was grateful to have such a wonderful celebration and be surrounded by many of her loved ones. It was difficult for her to pick a favorite birthday memory. One of her fond memories is dancing with her sister.

Paul says the secret to his mother’s longevity is her positivity and the shot of Scotch whiskey she takes daily. At 102, Elouise continues to look forward to more birthday parties.

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