105-Year-Old Grandma Dons Tiara and Dress to Celebrate Her First Ever Birthday Party

Turning 105 is an honor very few experience, and one woman from Cherryville, North Carolina, had the birthday bash of her dreams. The event was all the more heartwarming because it was her first-ever party!Looking out for brothers and sisters is a responsibility that often falls on older siblings, and Lorene Summey knows this all too well.

Throughout her life, she cared for her six siblings, ensuring they were alright and sacrificing to give them the best. One of the things Lorene missed out on over the years was celebrating her birthday in style. But that changed in 2022.

A Good Wife and Mother
Born on November 23, 1917, Lorene has lived a long and blessed life. The mother worked at a trucking company for 39 years and made many memories with her late husband.

She cared for him faithfully until his passing about 25 years ago. Their child, Roger, 82, is grateful for the mother he has had for so many years and shared that she always showered him with love.

She Is Blessed
Lorene’s friends sang her praises and described her as a woman with a beautiful spirit and a pleasant attitude that showcased her joy to be alive. She deserved to be celebrated, and in her 105th year, she was treated like a local celebrity.

Lorene’s medical practitioner Dr. Guillermo Lesassier stated that she was his healthiest patient of 105. He added: “She is blessed by God.” She still had the energy for a proper hoe-down party at her golden age!

Other than a birthday bash, Lorene had one wish for her special day. She wanted 105 cards, and people didn’t disappoint. The woman received an incredible amount of envelopes.

Her Community Planned a Big Bash
Community members were eager to give the woman a birthday bash she would never forget. As the oldest citizen in the Gaston and Lincoln counties and the most senior member of First Baptist Church of Cherryville, town council members and service members also got involved.

On her special day, she was escorted to the event by local police and firefighters. She looked beautiful in a pink flowery dress along with a dainty crown on her head.

It Was a Wonderful Birthday
The centenarian enjoyed a line dancing performance, met a miniature pony, and said hello to a friendly Labrador. A little girl named Lily introduced her to the dog, making Lorene smile brightly.

Over 200 people showed up to wish her a happy birthday on November 19, and the barn-style party was unique. Lorene loved it and clapped joyfully as everyone danced to the song “Cotton-Eyed Joe.”

She Received Thousands of Letters
Lorene’s boyfriend, Joseph, could not dance with her, so his brother did the honors. It was a heartwarming moment amid a beautiful celebration of life—hopefully, it made up for all the years of missed parties.

Other than a birthday bash, Lorene had one wish for her special day. She wanted 105 cards, and people didn’t disappoint. The woman received an incredible amount of envelopes.

She got over 1,200 cards from every state in America. The wishes came in from as far as England! The centenarian was stunned, saying:

“I can’t believe it. It’s so unreal.”

A Deserving Woman
The city’s council members even declared the date “Lorene Summey Day” and planned to have a “Summey Holiday” in her honor. The woman’s stepson, Roger Summey, was in awe of the festivities and sang her praises.

Lorene’s niece, Brenda Craine, also revealed that the family was thrilled to have an opportunity to give her the party she deserved. She added:

“It’s so wonderful what everyone’s doing. I don’t think it’s really soaked in for her … She’s just been precious all her life — she deserves every bit of this.”

Grateful for Life and Friends
Amid the fun and special attention, Lorene remained humble, still happiest when she got to spend time with her closest loved ones. She told her friend Martha:

“I’m so glad to see you. I love you.”

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