13-Year-Old Saves Mastiff After Dog Hangs Himself Escaping From Hot Car

Thirteen-year-old Bradley North was leaving school with his friends when he noticed a French Mastiff alone in a hot car with no windows open. Concerned, the teen started to walk toward the dog to check on him. What happened next has people calling Bradley a hero!

The big dog was so relieved to see Bradley and his friends coming for him that he jumped right through the closed window and ended up accidentally hanging himself from his leash.

Bradley sprinted over to the dog and was able to free him from his “noose” by unbuckling the dog’s collar. The mastiff had fallen unconscious during his ordeal, so Bradley stayed with the dog until he woke back up.

He waited for 15 minutes for the owner to come back and the dog’s owner was grateful and thanked him for saving the dog.

The 13-year-old boy from Prestwich, England, has become somewhat of a local celebrity after pictures of him rescuing the dog were posted to Prestwich People’s Facebook page.

Since his actions have gone viral, Bradley has received an outpouring of praise. But Bradley, who has a Staffordshire Bull Terrier of his own, said what he did is simply what he would expect others to do if they saw his dog in trouble.

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