21 Animals And Their Celebrity Doppelgängers

Have you ever had somebody tell you that they saw somebody that looks exactly like you? Some people may consider them to be a ‘doppelganger’ but others may just think that it is just a strange coincidence. Maybe you have even run into somebody that looks a lot like you and people just can’t get over it. I know that I had some guy that lived in my hometown that looks so much like me, my own mother-in-law had gone up and started a conversation with him. The only way to tell the difference is the fact that he wore concert T-shirts all of the time and I never wore them.

It seems as if humans have this unique ability to look like each other but did you realize it could also cross from one species to another? Sometimes there are animals that look so much like somebody we know that it is uncanny. I’m not talking about dogs that look like their owners, although that is possible, but sometimes, it is just a picture of an animal that looks far too similar when they are put next to the picture of a human.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. This dog looks like Putin

2. A dog like Snoop Dogg?

3. A dog that is a dead ringer for Samuel L Jackson

4. Snowball and Hitler?

5. A dog for John Travolta?

6. A canine and Richard Branson

7. Do you think this dog looks like William H Macy?

8. This dog looks just like Ron Perlman

9. A caterpillar with Donald Trump’s hair

10. Another dog that looks like Snoop Dogg

11. A llama that looks like the Dalai Lama?

12. This alpaca and Taylor Lautner

13. A monkey and Adrian Brody

14. A pooch and Harrison Ford

15. A frog and Madonna

16. A Peyton Manning face on this dog

17. Hamilton the cat and Salvador Dali

18. Kim Kardashian and a killer whale?

19. Kitty strutting his stuff like Leo DiCaprio

20. A caterpillar and George Clinton

21. This dog and Ron Perlman


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