30+ Of The Derpiest Cats Caught On Camera (New Pics)

I think cats are anti-camera creatures. They are most of the time caught in the weirdest postures or expressions. Chances are, there will be some decent photos when cats are in the photoshoot sessions. However, the sillier they get, the cuter they are! Humans can’t live without cats’ unexpected antics because that is the only way to lift us up. If you let me check the camera rolls on your phone, it would be tons of your feline photos with many derpy moments. These 30+ owners below did the same! Now scroll down and upvote the most hilarious photos that you think will go viral in the near future. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment below!

Thanks to the subreddit r/AnimalsBeingDerps, we all have a chance to share and exchange the pawsitivity to each other. Cats have an immense influence to connect people by their cuteness as well as derpiness. However, don’t be so carefree about your cat’s immediate changes. Though these awkward moments are funny, your cat might show some signs of their potential diseases. Stress, depression, or sickness are the common signals when a cat behaves differently. Let’s have a vet check if the cat repeats their unusual behaviors constantly.

#1 Give My Compliments To The Chef

#2 This Was Supposed To Be A Plant Progress Post Showing Off My Oxalis But Henk Stole The Show

#3 Oliver Can Be A Bit Clingy

#4 He Do A Danger Dance

#5 The Love Of My Life

#6 He’s Feeling The Halloween Spirit Too

#7 Drawing

#8 Heeeelp Meeeee

#9 My Cat Trying To Eat Fake Grass

#10 5 Minutes Ago They Were Chasing The Laser

#11 Got My Cat A Tent, I Think He Likes It

#12 My Indoor Cat’s First Time Experiencing Heights & He Instantly Regretted It

#13 Derp Moment Right Before A Zoomie

#14 Kevin Took A Visit To The Land Behind The Dryer

#15 Kitten Inherited Her Mama’s Curiosity

#16 Caught My Cat Just Casually Living In A Different Realm Of Gravity

#17 Boss: “Why Is Your Work Productivity So Low”

#18 Bobo (17 Years Old) After Getting Some Head Rubs

#19 Just Bought An Ac. He Sleeps All Day With His Butt Facing It

#20 Kitty Is Unsure About The Printer

#21 Sometimes I Just Wanna Be “Cat”

#22 She’s Just Trying To Pay Her Student Loans

#23 Looks Comfy

#24 Mood

#25 Whenever I Make Spaghetti For Dinner My Cat Finds An Un-Rinsed Dish And Ends Up With Marinara Blush

#26 “Are You Going To Do Something About This?”

#27 “The Hell Is Wrong With This Guy”

#28 You Pet Him And Not Me? Instant Jealousy

#29 Mistakes Were Made

#30 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

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