A Whale Named Tina Literally Has The Biggest Crush On Male Zookeeper

You probably heard various stories about animals falling in love with their human caretakers and handlers. This is another positive story that happened in South Korea, at an aquarium.

Tina was a Beluga whale who fell in love with one of the zookeepers and didn’t want to see anyone else.

The whale was even jealous when she noticed other female workers near her favorite male zookeeper. Once she noticed some women near her favorite man and splashed water on them. She made them understand that he was her man and she would never let anyone else be closer to the man than herself.

Moreover, Tina didn’t let other male zookeepers get acquainted and make friends with her. Tina refused them all and accept food and hugs only from her beloved man. It was because when Tina was brought to the aquarium it was her beloved zookeeper who paid much attention to her and treated her differently. So Tina made a strong bond with him and now didn’t want to deal with anyone else.

But the sad thing was that Tina didn’t let even male whales be near her. She attacked them all. So Tina was put in a separate aquarium now and the zookeepers were trying to change her behavior towards the world and made her believe that others would care for her and would give her great love and attention too. Watch the video below to get acquainted with the unique and jealous whale, Tina.

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