Baby Monkey Falls Into Frigid Water, Thrashes Around But Cannot Pull Herself Out

The world can be a scary place but it can also be quite beautiful. Every species is vulnerable, no matter their strength and courage. When tragedy strikes, even accidentally, only the strong survive. But did you know strength can come from others, especially when love is involved?

The video below showcases some amazing animal rescues. However, humans are hardly involved. Instead, we see a plethora of rescue scenarios that are 100% real and 100% incredible… and all the heroes in the stories are animals themselves, writes

Some argue that animals are not as emotional as humans. While others believe they have that capability, some dismiss it completely. This video and the many uplifting stories featured in it, prove that animals are connected to one another a lot like we are.

Take this adorable baby monkey for example. She longingly looked out over a bluff, desperate for a swim to cool off. The water, though enticing, was a bit too much for her little body and when she jumped in, she was overwhelmed by the current. She flails around, scared and confused. But it’ll be okay baby, a hero is right there to save the day.

One of our absolute favorites is when a cat becomes trapped beneath a house. His best bunny friend is right there to save the day. Yes, a bunny! He uses his fluffy body to dig his friend out. At first, it’s not deep enough but the determined bunny continues to cast dirt aside until his best feline friend is safe and sound! You certainly don’t see that every day.

he video below is a must watch and a must share. Animals never fail to amaze us. Their tenacity and unconditional love for one another is so inspiring!

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