Baby Whale Cries To Grab Surfers Attention To Come And Rescue Her

Mauricio Camareno and his friends of surfers always help mother nature as much as they can. One day, when they were on a beach on Costa Rican, they heard a strange sound. When they followed the sound in the water, they found a baby pilot whale trapped in.

The pilot whale could not get back to the ocean after being stuck in the mouth of a river, that was low tide. The men tried their best to get the whale unstuck but she was completely tired to keep herself afloat according to Camareno.

The pilot whale was completely exhausted when they got her to deeper water as she had been fighting for too long to stay in a position that let her breath.

Camareno and his friends spent the next 6 hours to help the whale. They even tried to call the environmental ministry and the Coast Guard for help but they took a lot of time to answer, so they decided to continue by their own.

Thankfully, the group of surfers were eventually able to get the whale back to the ocean. Many people on social media have praised them. How brave they are! Watch the video below.

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