Bear’s story.

We were tagged multiple times on a post yesterday about a dog with a mass on his face in Cleveland. He was eating cat food left out on someone’s porch and she could tell when he would appear because the mass was bleeding, so he would leave drops of blood on her porch.
We have a handful of street feeders in the Cleveland area, so we were able to gather up 4 people who immediately went to look for him. And 2 of us were already on the road, so we went to help look for him as well.
We spent about 2-3 hours searching for him, talking to neighbors and trying to capture him. The key to finding a dog is to ask people questions. Especially about a dog who has been suffering for a long time. Someone knows something. And surely, a TON of people knew about Bear. We learned a lot about him from so many people.
Bear had been a neighborhood stray for 8-10 years. We talked to a man who had multiple puppies of Bear’s from different litters. And we talked to a lady who fed him for years. She tried to get the mass looked at a while back, but then she had a heart attack and couldn’t focus on him. She told us the mass had appeared 1-2 years ago. She named him Bear, so we felt like he needed to keep the name he knew for 8-10 years.
We spotted him, but he kept running away from us. He traveled quite a distance in the few hours we were out there, and we were surprised at how much energy he had. He was not super food motivated and it was hard to quickly get a leash around him when he did get close, considering how big the mass was. But he returned to the lady’s porch who consistently fed him and she was able to pet him, so she grabbed a hold of him until we could get a slip lead on him.
It was truly heartbreaking to be out there with him, and to see how he lived for 8-10 years. But the good news? The good news is he no longer has to live that way.

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