‘Brace Face’ Dog Goes Viral As His Dental Work Charms The Internet

SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN — Puppies are known for chewing on things and putting on weight fast. For one six-month-old golden retriever named Wesley, the opposite was the case, and an unorthodox solution was the answer. Wesley’s owner Molly Moore noticed he wasn’t playing with his toys as much, and was losing weight when he should’ve been growing.
Luckily for the dog, Molly’s dad, Dr. Jim Moore, is a veterinarian specializing in dentistry. Doctor Moore diagnosed Wesley with a condition called malocclusion, a misalignment of the upper and lower teeth.
The solution called for Wesley to be fitted for braces, and after photos were published to Facebook on Feb. 26, the post has since been shared nearly 300,000 times. Dr. Moore says the braces are only applied for practical reasons, and not aesthetics. Wesley will only have to wear the braces for a few more weeks to correct the issue. The photos were posted in honor of National Pet Dental Health month. Please SHARE this story with your friends and family.

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