Brave Pit Bull Dies Protecting Two Boys From Poisonous Snake Bite

Dogs always teach us the real meaning of sacrifice, and this story proves that perfectly. Zeus, an 8-month-old dog, died after jumping to help Richardson family’s children from a coral snake.

Zeus saved Orion and Oriley’s lives and got bitten 4 times from the snake. The boys were cleaning the dog’s water dish, when the venomous reptile tried to attack them, but Zeus was in the right place at the right time.

Unfortunately, he was able to tackle the snake, who bit him 4 times leading him to collapse.

Zeus was rushed him to a vet in Ocala, and he was given an anti-venom shot. Unfortunately, the poison had already caved deep into his bloodstream and he died a day after being bitten. Richardson’s parents owed their kids’ lives to Zeus. The died of Zeus has left them depressed and gloomy. RIP Zeus.

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