Cops Help Two Scared Pit Bulls And Stay By Their Side Until Help Arrives

It was 4 am and Patrick Hennesy was driving to his Florida home. Despite the early hour, when he saw two scared pit bulls huddled next to the side of the road, he stopped to help.

It was soon apparent that one of the dogs was hurt so he called the Orange County Sheriff’s department. Moments later, two officers arrived on the scene, taking note of the two dogs and blood splattered on the ground.

Cautiously, the officers approached the stray dogs and when they did, were greeted with tail wags and kisses. Despite being scared, the thankful dogs seemed to know that the officers were there to help and not harm them.

The officers examined the dogs and found one had an injured leg and was losing blood, presumably from being hit by a car. They gave the dog first aid by applying a bandage and pressure and called Orange County Animal Services, who asked them to stay with the dogs until they could get to them.

The officers stayed on the scene cuddling the dogs and keeping them warm until animal services could arrive. As they did, the pups began to relax and by the time they reached the shelter, they were loving, happy dogs!

The two dogs were named Liberty and Justice. They quickly became favorites at the shelter and placed for adoption. They were picked up from the road near the intersection of South Orange Avenue and East Oak Ridge Road in Pine Castle, Florida, however no one claimed them.

Their rescue story even made it to Good Morning America according to the sheriff’s department. What a happy ending in a situation that could have turned tragic. Thanks to Patrick Hennesy taking the time to stop and help. The world needs more people like him. It’s because of his taking the time to stop and help that these two dogs were kept safe and given a second chance.

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