Couple See Senior Being Given Away For Free Online And Rush To Save Her

She smelled, she was soaking wet and her nails were overgrown. But that didn’t stop Taylor and her partner from driving three hours to save the senior beagle who was being given away for free on Facebook.

When Taylor picked Maple up it was clear she had been through a lot. For the first few days all she wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully, Taylor’s other rescue dog Cooper made a huge difference. The two rescues instantly clicked. Taylor also noted that it took some time for Maple to get used to being spoiled and loved.

“She started off as this really, really closed-off and really shy dog, and now she wants to explore everything,” she said of Maple.

@tklima14 Welcome to your new life sweet girl ❤️ #rescue #dogrescue #florida #roadtrip #pup #seniordogsoftiktok #sweetbaby #dogsoftiktok ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Now Maple can’t wait to go to the beach with her pal Cooper.


Adventures of maple of cooper 🥺❤️ the best of pals who love going to the dog beach together. #rescuedog #rescue #beaglelover #bestfriendscheck #pals

♬ Best friend by Harry Nilsson – PeterVigilante

And it’s recently been Maple’s one year “Gotcha” day anniversary. It’s clear Maple has come out of her shell and is loving life with her new family.


It’s officially been one year with Maple in our lives. We love you sweet girl! #rescuedog #gotchyaday #puppylove #beaglesoftiktok #floridapup

♬ Happiest Year – Jaymes Young

What a difference a bit of love can make in a dog’s life!

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