Dog Can’t Curb His Enthusiasm When His Owner Starts Filling Up His Pool

Another good boy has captured the attention of the internet, folks. Admittedly, I’m one of those people.

This is Kai, and Kai doesn’t know how to handle himself when he is around water.

He recently went viral on TikTok when his owner posted a video of him getting out of control when his owner started filling up his paddling pool. The video has been crossposted on their other social media accounts, and it even made Kai’s owner create a pet account on TikTok just for the hyper labradoodle.

The viral video has gathered over 27 million views, and people have been commenting on how full of energy the dog is. And although Kai’s own TIkTok account was just created last April, it already has over 13,000 followers. His videos show just how energetic the dog is, especially around water.

Some people commented on how comically Kai runs into the paddling pool, saying that he’s “got that cartoon run,” and others that have fallen in love with the adorable puppy have left comments like, “not to be dramatic or anything, but I would jump in front of a bus for kai” and that Kai’s joy is infectious.

As Kai just turned 2, it looks like his parents decided to enroll him in swimming lessons, and watching Kai in a big pool with other dogs is equally hilarious as his video in the small paddling pool. Watch the video here.

Since Kai became famous for his zoomies in the pool, some people are concerned for the dog as well. They have left comments trying to tell Kai’s owner the dangers of having a paddling pool, like water intoxication and dry drowning.

Read the article here to know the signs of water intoxication in your dogs.


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