Dog Doesn’t Want Owner To Go Work,Gives Him The Saddest Of The ‘Sad Eyes’

Meet Teemo—a good boy from Taiwan that is absolutely adorable, writes boredpanda

Not only that, but he’s a master manipulator, too. (Aren’t all our pets, though?) The lab terrier mix recently went viral for his irresistible, heart-shattering, charming “sad look.” You know the look, don’t you?… For dog owners, it’s probably something they witness every day. You may see it when you’re slicing salami, or when you try to leave for work—just like Teemo’s owner did.

Scroll down below to see the video of the adorable schemer.

Teemo—a lab terrier mix—recently went viral for his irresistible “sad eyes” look

Teemo is such a human-lover! He’s sociable, always wears a smile, and absolutely hates it when his owner leaves for work. Whenever the owner goes to work or comes back—there’s Teemo, always sitting by their front door. One time, when the man needed to work overtime, Teemo gave him such a sad look that, according to the internet, lasted for the whole 10 minutes.

After one entertainment outlet shared the video of Teemo, his follower count grew immediately. Naturally so, because most of them fell in love with this charming fur-ball! “If I had this dog, I’d be working from home all the time,” someone commented. “There is no need for work! Stay home with this goodboi,” another social media user added.

“Don’t know why hooman goes to work since most food comes from the fridge,” one Facebook user successfully read Teemo’s mind.

But don’t get too caught up in his antics because Teemo’s a very happy boy

Who recently celebrated his 5th birthday

And had quite a bash

He’s loved by his owner very much

Teemo’s owner made him a Facebook page back in 2015. No wonder, as such a cute fur-ball just had to be shared with the world, even if it’s only in the format of photos and videos.

At the moment, over 4k people are following Teemo and his adventures.

And by his Facebook followers, as well

Of whom he has over 4,000

As no one can resist his lovable face

Can you?

Of course you can’t

Teemo’s Facebook profile says that his personality is “crazy,” while his main interest in life is eating meat. Judging from the pictures posted on the account, it seems that the adorable pooch loves socializing, playing with his toys, and posing for photos with the most charming smile ever.

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