Dog Found Tied To Church Altar With Apology Note: “I Love You & I’m So Sorry”

A dog was found tied up next to the altar at Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool just before Christmas.Attached to the dog was a note that read:“Please believe me when I say I haven’t done this easily. My dog means the world to me and I don’t know what else to do. I’ve no home or money now for him.

Life has taken a really bad turn for me and I couldn’t imagine him being outside with me cold and hungry. I love you and I am so so so sorry.”The seven-year-old Staffie – who rescuers named Cracker, but later learned his actual name is Rooney – was taken in by the RSPCA and then went to ‘Street Paws’ for further care.

Once the RSPCA found Rooney, his story became very popular, which led rescuers to his owner, Alison.

Street Paws has kindly agreed to care for Rooney until Alison is able to get back on her feet again.

“This very sad story unfortunately is not uncommon,” the charity wrote on Facebook. “There are far too few options for rough sleepers with dogs. This is why, as a Charity our focus for 2020 is to install more kennels into hostel grounds so that there is a choice other than to give up on your best friend.”

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