Dog Surrendered Because She Is Too Clingy, Now She Finds The Love She Deserves

Jubilee is a dog that was surrendered by her owner to an animal shelter because she loved too much. Her former owner arrived at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, and told the shelter worker he no longer wanted her because “she always wants to be by my side.” And just like that, Jubilee was homeless, given up by the human she was strongly attached to, writes

A woman who witnessed Jubilee being surrendered to the shelter posted what she saw on social media and said “When I left she was back in intake anxiety ridden.”

The story of the young Blue Heeler and Irish setter mix’s plight rapidly spread on the Internet and within a day Jubilee was adopted! It turns out the reasons Jubilee’s former owner turned over Jubilee were a little more complicated, according to the shelter’s rescue coordinator.

She told the Huffington Post that Jubilee’s former owner had several other reasons for giving up his dog. Jubilee apparently was evincing destructive behavior and chewed on furniture, cushions, baseboard and the man was hoping Jubilee might find a home that could better manage her issues.

And Jubilee did. Within a day of being left at the shelter, Samantha Fewow arrived at the shelter to adopt her. She saw Jubilee’s story and was among several applicants for Jubilee. Her family had just lost their last rescue dog a few months ago at the age of 15, and Samantha felt that she was meant to have the loving dog.

“We’re happy her previous owner made the right decision and turned her in, Samantha writes on Facebook. “Otherwise she wouldn’t be in our family today.”

As for Jubilee’s potentially destructive behavior, Samantha has a plan in place. She is ready to hire a trainer and work on educating Jubilee as long as it takes to make her happy, should it be needed.

Jubilee already has a new friend to keep her company if the humans are away, Samantha’s other rescue dog, Abby. The two are warming up to each other. And Jubilee loves Samantha’s teenage son.

Samantha has set up a Facebook page devoted to Jubilee and says the young dog is settling in with the family nicely. “She’s giving us a new lease on life!” she says.

For a dog that probably wasn’t getting enough attention, it looks like she will never be in want of it again! You can follow Jubilee’s happily ever after on her Facebook page. The Montgomery County Animal Shelter has lots more dogs and cats who need homes, as does your local animal shelter; think about visiting to find your new friend!

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