Dog Survives Being Impaled By Rebar,Then Learns To Love Her Rescuers

For animal lovers, seeing a dog suffering in agony is heartbreaking to witness. Fortunately, there are people among us who don’t turn a blind eye but rather stop what they are doing to step in and help.

Tragically, this sweet dog experienced a terrible injury when she jumped from a block wall with the ground beneath lined with rebar. The dog was impaled by the sharp metal and was held prisoner with her impaled leg holding her to the earth.

It’s hard to imagine the pain and terror she endured while rescuers tried to cut the rebar so that they could free her leg. While watching, one wonders if she will even survive the trauma of such a terrible injury.

Amazingly, the dog remains as calm as she possibly can while left with no option but to trust her life to the strangers trying to save her. It’s a long process to free her and she seems to resign to her situation.

As darkness falls, she is finally freed and in her excruciating pain, begins to panic as she is moved but now she can finally be taken to the hospital where her wounds can be examined and cared for.

Miraculously, her leg is not broken and she only has a very serious flesh wound in her thigh. They clean and dress her injury and by that time the poor dog is clearly exhausted. She has a long road ahead of her.

Daily, her medical team cleans her wounds and hydrates her. Taking the best care of her that they can under the conditions they find themselves. The dog is afraid but as time passes, she slowly begins to trust them.

Finally, as her body healed and she experienced care, she came out of the shell of her trauma and continued to heal. We are so thankful to the rescuers for not only saving her life but giving her love.

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