Dog was Found Guilty of Being a Cupcake Thief. Watch How She was Caught on Act

Kara Probin had two cute German Shorthaired Pointers, River, and Winnie. River was a shy dog while Winnie likes to do various naughty tricks.

Recently Kara began to cook more often and she made cupcakes for her dogs too. However, soon she understood that one of her dogs was a thief. It was Winnie.

Kara tried to put her cooking somewhere above but the thief was cleverer. The dog managed to eat 15 cupcakes and would do this again. Kara was glad that her dogs liked her cupcakes but she thought about their healthy diet and only for that reason she kept them away from too much dessert. However once Kara prepared a trap for the thief and what she found out was surprising. The thief was not Winnie as Kara suspected but River.

The dog ate the cupcakes so eagerly that he hardly could take his paws from them.

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