Fishermen Make An Unexpected Rescue After Discovering A Helpless Deer Five Miles Off Shore

A deer is the last thing you should expect to see while fishing. That’s exactly what these three fishermen find while lobster fishing in the middle of the ocean, believe it or not. Thankfully, the helpless animal had a happy ending!

Ren Dorr, captain of the commercial fishing boat Ryss & Stace, and two other fishermen were about five miles off the coast of Maine when they saw the deer struggling to keep its head afloat. They were obviously taken aback by the sight, but they jumped into action to save the deer without hesitation. However, because the poor animal was confused and scared, it proved to be a difficult rescue. However, the fishermen were able to take it on board and save its life in the end.

“We had to circle a few times to get ahold of him,” one of the fishermen, Jared Thaxter, told ABC News. “We just dragged him in, grabbed him by the spikes and maybe a leg or two.”

After safely bringing the drowning animal aboard, the crew proceeded to the beach to release it. The crew stated, “It was definitely worth the time and effort. You can’t let anything suffer when you have the ability to help.”

Dorr later posted photos of the dramatic rescue on Facebook, and his post quickly went viral, with many people thanking him for his selfless act. Dorr wrote, “I found this little guy 5 miles offshore today drifting further away from land. We couldn’t let the poor guy drown, so we took him aboard and sailed him half an hour to land, where we dropped him off on the beach! And sailed back out to haul!”

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