Formerly A.B.U.S.E.D Dog Was So Traumatized He Urinated On Himself Every Time He Was Touched

Otto, a dog, was rescued from a horrific a.b.u.s.i.v.e situation that had left him severely traumatized.

He couldn’t even stand up because he was so t.e.r.r.i.f.i.e.d.He’d just lie down and urinate on himself.

Otto would be unable to live with humans, according to expert animal behaviorists, and a sanctuary was suggested, but staff did not give up on him.

They treated him well, took excellent care of him, and lavished him with affection.They wanted him to understand that they were there to assist him, not to harm him.And he quickly realized it.

When his fear subsided, his personality began to emerge, and he broke free from his shell.They witnessed this terrified dog who refused to move transform into this friendly and outgoing pup after a few months.

He was also adopted despite “experts” telling him he couldn’t be, and he now has a new doggy sibling.They can go for walks together now, and Otto will be loved for the rest of his life.

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