German Shepherd Loses It When Reunited With His Owner Who Was Deployed For 5 Months

Military deployments are hard on everyone. Spouses are separated from each other for months at a time and children miss the parent who is serving far away. Dogs also miss their owners and sadly can’t understand why their fur mom or dad isn’t home.

In this video, Rocky the German shepherd is reunited with his owner, who has been gone on deployment for five long months. Rocky is inside his house and is very aware that there is someone in his backyard. Does he realize who it is yet? We’ll let you decide for yourself.

When mom lets Rocky out into the backyard, he charges out the door, barking, not approaching the man in the gray hoodie waiting in the far side of his yard. Rocky runs back and forth, seemingly guarded, while mom watches. She giggles is the background, obviously happy and excited to see what their reunion will be like.

Rocky doesn’t yet approach his fur dad and is still watchful and barking. So, mom suggests he pull down his hood so that Rocky can get a better look. When he does, the most adorable thing happens.

As soon as he touches Rocky’s neck, Rocky melts into his dad who he hasn’t seen for so long. He obviously knows who he is and is so happy to see him. Rocky sweetly kisses his dad’s face and snuggles up as close as he can get to him.

Then after some sweet snuggles and kisses, Rocky loses it and can’t contain his excitement anymore. He gets a case of the mini zoomies and wiggles all over before finally flinging himself on his back before starting all over again.

The super happy pup is thrilled to see his dad after such a long time and is bubbling over with excitement. The video ends here but you can imagine the happy day the family shared, reunited with their loved ones.

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