Golden Retriever And His Best Friend Find Two Abandoned Kittens And Bring Them Home

These two dogs became instant heroes to some abandoned kittens.

A golden retriever and his best friend were out walking with their owner one day when they came upon two abandoned kittens in a remote rocky ravine. Surely, had the two dogs not found the kittens, they probably would not have survived much longer.

They carefully led their owner to the kittens being very gentle yet so excited over what they found. Their owner carefully carried the two tiny kittens to his car, placing them in a cardboard box, and took them to the vet.

After an exam and shots, the kitties then went home with the excited pups to start their new life. They were so young, they had to be hand-fed by their rescuer. Their furry hero friends looked on, so pleased with themselves for their good deed.

A little cat nursery was built for the kittens and the dogs appointed themselves kitten guardians, proudly watching over their babies. It’s adorable to see how happy the dogs are to watch over the kittens.

The dogs are so gentle with the kittens that it’s not long before the cats are allowed out of the safety of their box to spend time with the dogs. The dogs are so sweet with the kittens that even when the cats bat at their nose, they stay calm.

The kittens get stronger and soon start to grow and play with each other and the dogs. It really doesn’t get much cuter than watching them play with the dogs and explore their new home. The kittens are truly lucky to have found such a loving family.

The dogs are so tender and patient with the tiny kittens as they walk around on their little spindly legs, it’s as if they have done it a hundred times before. They are the sweetest pups ever and deserve a big treat for saving the lives of the cats.

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