Golden Retriever Thinks Visiting The Vet Is One Big Party

Most dogs prefer to avoid the vet. It’s usually not a very fun place to visit with all the scary sights and sounds.

From their earliest days, dogs generally associate the vet with unpleasantness. Even routine visits are not that enjoyable and can involve plenty of peeks, pokes, and sticks. And, the treats are not even that good.

Dogs that tolerate the vet don’t normally treat it as one big party. Most of the time they try to be invisible and want to leave as soon as possible. Some tremble and whimper. Others try to drag their owners toward the door as if willing them to change their mind, “maybe it’s a mistake that we’ve found ourselves here?”

But don’t tell this vet-loving golden retriever that it’s not supposed to love being there. This happy pup acts as if the vet’s office IS one big party and is having the greatest time. It’s hard not to want to join in the fun when watching the video.

The dog is literally leaping for joy and running back and forth in the doctor’s office, basically having the time of its life. It’s obviously not the first visit for this pup who is also enjoying the staff.

The adorable dog wearing flashy sneakers races back and forth carrying a toy in its mouth and crying out in happiness. The cute dog runs back and forth spreading its crazy joy to everyone in the office.

Even the vet walks out to the lobby to greet her furry patient who disappears around a corner, out of sight but not out of earshot, before racing back through the lobby to say hi to someone else.

It’s impossible not to smile when watching the joy this dog has. If only we all could get so excited about the little things in life. How happy would we be?

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