Gorgeous Wild Cat Casually Parades Down Street In Canada

The other day, Allison Burton was at home in Canada when she spotted a large furry figure strutting casually down her street. At first, she thought it was a dog. But then Burton took a closer look. Turns out, it was actually a lynx — showing off her gloriously fluffy self for all the world to see.

This woman from Kamloops in Canada, went out for a walk when witnessed a sight, she may never forget. It was nearly noon when Allison Burton spotted a massive wild cat casually walking down her street. An adorable lynx took over the way just as it was a catwalk.

It was a sunny day, so the street was far from empty, but the majestic feline did not seem to be bothered at all. On contrary, she even struck for some stunning poses while she quietly kept her way. Naturally, an unusual sight like this could only turn heads of everyone. Image credit: Shyda ForeverFriends

“Honestly, he didn’t care about anyone around,” Burton said. “There were people riding bikes past him. He was in his own world enjoying the sunshine.” Just like the passersby, Burton could not believed her eyes when realizing a lynx was actually strutting down her street. Thankfully she find the nerve to take her cellphone and grab some snaps of the beautiful kitten.

“I have never seen one in real life, ever,” the woman told THE DODO. “I was so excited and in awe just to see this gorgeous creature walking so close to my home. It was just so majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing.” Apparently lynx sights are pretty common among the Kamloops residents, with several reports this year, already.

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