Have You Seen This Missing Cat? Well, He Sure Has — He Just Found Himself!

When it comes to putting up missing pet posters, finding the right locations to place them is key.

They need to be visible and in spots that are both busy and close to where your pet was last seen, that way, the likelihood of the right person coming across them will increase. But the fastest way for your pet to get back home, it turns out, is if they find one of the posters themselves.

As unlikely as that sounds, that’s exactly what helped Camila Castoldi find Luis, a loving cat who had been missing for four days at that point.

Camila was taking an evening stroll in her hometown of Buenos Aries when a poster on a nearby utility pole caught her eye. Interested in learning more, she got closer. The poster featured a photo of an orange and white cat whose family was desperate to get their baby back home.

But before Camila could even begin to figure out if she had already seen the cat somewhere, something orange and fuzzy caught her eye. Within seconds, she was stunned to find that the missing Luis was right at her feet!

“I said, ‘Greetings, Luis!’ Then I called his family,” Camila said. “The family came running, thanked me, and pampered him.”

Despite having been missing for several days, Luis was found to be in good health. Now, he’s back home where he belongs, happier than ever!

Even though Camila’s time with Luis was short, it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with this adorable boy. But luckily, their brief serendipitous meeting wasn’t the only time she ever saw him — his owners now send her photos of sweet Luis so she can stay up-to-date on how he’s doing!

“I feel lucky to have found him,” she said.

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