He Created The Most Famous Image of Jesus In History. He’s Been Copied Over 1 BILLION Times

This man literally changed the face of one of the most celebrated icons we know today. It really astounded me, I had never associated this gorgeous portrait with another man. Warner Salman isn’t an artist most talk about over coffee. Not in the same respect you would Basquait, Pollack, or Banksy. These images and symbols build bonds stronger than blood. Yet he has changed how many act without them even knowing it. Images and symbols can be very beneficial to our survival just as our faith in Jesus.

Warner was a Swedish gentleman who lived in Chicago while he attended art school. While he had been there a while, he als o found that times were scary. The industrial revolution was at more than a boom, with World War II gearing up. In that time, there was an art project he had been fervently working on, adjusting and tweaking until he came to a road block.

As he realized quickly that his deadline was fast approaching, this calm man decided a nap would ease his weary mind. Or rather, he worked himself to the point of exhaustion that lead him to fall asleep. What rare dedication to one’s job? That’s something you really won’t see now-a-days.

Upon waking from his slumber, Sallman had the perfect idea! The crafting of the image and how he wanted to finish it. With this one piece, it has been reported to have been copied over 500 BILLION times. I would say he had the right idea. Sometimes that’s all it takes, just one the best idea.

Being classically trained by the Art Institute in Chicago, Warner has had the opportunity to us many different mediums. No matter if it’s charcoal, oil paints- you name it. He did many beautiful renditions or version of this character as the subject. Though some have criticized poor Walter, he continued making art, and go to around 500 paints, easels and charcoal drawings. Wow. Quite impressive.

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