Heartwarming Scene Of A Goose Keeping A Puppy Warm After Being Abandoned

Animals are truly incredible, and many can feel empathy just like us humans. Love knows no boundaries, and sometimes it seems animals demonstrate this better than anyone.

A Facebook post of a freezing goose trying to keep an abandoned puppy warm has gone viral on social media in another instance of kindness between species.

The poor puppy was abandoned by his mother very shortly after birth and was found shivering on the side of the road by the kind goose. On the almost freezing winter night, the goose showed no hesitation and used its wings to protect the puppy from shivering to death kept him warm.

The goose gave up some of its warmth for a baby that’s not it’s own.

She covered the puppy with her wing to best she can shelter the pup from the bitter cold. The goose even used its beak to pet the puppy on his head and kept him warm underneath its wings until a photographer came and saved them. In this case, it really did become a mother goose.

Soon after the photos of this emotional moment was uploaded, they went viral and both, the goose and the puppy, were adopted together. They have now formed a lasting friendship in a home environment they are inseparable.

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