Horse Runs Back Into Burning Wildfire To Rescue Her Family

We often talk about the loyalty and devotion of dogs but meanwhile, other animals possess such attitudes too.

The horses are well-known for their faithfulness, great love, and devotion toward their masters. They are also extremely kind and clever animals.

In California, the number of wildfires can vary from year to year but the devastating power of it remained severe as always. During these fires first of all you think about your family and lovely pets. Even when you can’t take them with you you open their cages at least and wishfully wait that they will soon come out themselves.

But animals also want to see their family members secure in such situations just like in this story. During the Easy Fire that burned 1,806 acres in Simi Valley, Ventura County, California in October of 2019, some horses were left to evacuate on their own. Suddenly some horses were noticed going back to the fire. People were shocked by the scene until they saw the other fowls and horses there. So the kind animals couldn’t just flee without their lovely family members

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