K9 that saved 38 lives during her 8-year career is honored with a national award for bravery

“I burst with pride at how much she has achieved.” ❤️

There are lots of unrecognized men and women who work hard every day to ensure the safety of their fellow man.

This goes for dogs too. Luna, a 10-year-old German Shepherd police dog, has saved 38 lives during her career in East Scotland’s police force.

But the day has finally come when she is being recognized. Luna and her handler, Constable Linda McBride, were recently presented with the Lifesaver award from the Thin Blue Paw Foundation, which awards police dogs across the United Kingdom.

“I felt like I owed it to her. When I found out that she’d won the Lifesaver award I was blown away – I even cried,” McBride told Daily Record.

Luna’s lifesaving count is believed to be a lot higher than your typical police dog.

Luna and McBride were presented with their award at a ceremony in Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire, England.

McBride has been an officer for 29 years. Luna has severed for 10 years and retired just before she was awarded. Her retirement vacation included a day of swimming at the beach.

“Luna was an exceptional police dog to work alongside and I’m very proud of her. She would continue to work if the choice was hers. Luna gained respect from dog handlers, frontline colleagues and management over the years due to her incredible natural ability to locate people quickly. It’s a lovely ending to her police career,” McBride told Police Scotland

Luna’s superiors said that her award was well deserved.

“The bond between all of our police dogs and their handlers is amazing and the hours of training put in to achieve that is incredible,” Chief Superintendent Helen Harrison, head of Specialist Services, said.

“They put in a huge amount of hard work and commitment into what they do. I’m delighted that Luna and Linda have been recognized nationally for their service.”

In addition to saving lives, Luna, who works to find missing people, has also helped to console many, including her own family.

“She has a wonderful temperament, particularly when dealing with vulnerable and high-risk people; she seems to know they need her help and shows such compassion towards them. But she still had the ability to switch when dealing with a dangerous criminal or anyone who would show violence towards her or me. We always looked out for each other.”

Luna lives with McBride and Mcbride’s two other working police dogs.

A German Shepherd named Saul and a cocker spaniel named Spud.

They also live with McBride’s 91-year-old mother and her two sons, her daughter, and regularly visiting grandsons.

“Luna and the other dogs are fantastic with my mother, who I care for,” McBride said. “They seem to sense she needs our care. I think that intuitive nature is what made Luna so good at searching for missing people too; she wanted to help,” McBride said.

aying that McBride is proud of Luna is an “understatement.”

“I burst with pride at how much she has achieved; our bond will never be broken and, for that, I’m immensely thankful,” McBride says.

Learn more about Luna’s story in the video below.

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