Leonardo DiCaprio Dove Into Icy Waters To Save Two Of His Rescue Dog

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio showed he’s a hero off-screen as well as on in a recent “Around the Table” episode of Entertainment Weekly. DiCaprio brought two of his dogs to the set of Don’t Look Up while they were shooting in and around Boston. Due to their boundless activity, the two rescue Huskies quickly found themselves in a sticky situation. 

DiCaprio and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence claim that the Huskies nearly drowned after tumbling into the freezing water. DiCaprio, though, would not stand by and watch his animal buddies suffer. He braved the subzero weather to get them to safety. 

It’s Possible That I Have Started My Dog Unfortunately, Jerry missed this, but I’m convinced it saved my old dog. 

Thanks to iHeartDogs’s help, Leonardo DiCaprio posted a photo of himself with a litter of rescued puppies on Facebook. 

Now we were all in the freezing lake together,” DiCaprio explained. “Well, the other one started licking the one that was drowning.” 

Incoming! Dog Dad to the Rescue 

Finally, after much effort, DiCaprio got both of his pets to safety. As with their father, they did not report being sick after the occurrence. He had to endure subzero temperatures to save his furry buddies. DiCaprio and Lawrence attempted humor in the interview despite the gravity of the issue. 

It became routine for me to return home to a wet, worried dog. My findings: Huskies taking a nap together on Instagram, in collaboration with iHeartDogs 

Lawrence remarked, “I know you’re all wondering, and I was too, but he got naked in the car right away.” 

DiCaprio has previously portrayed other real-life heroes. He rescued a man in 2019 who had fallen overboard from a yacht and was in danger of drowning. Maybe all those hours he spent in the sea while filming Titanic gave him the confidence to save lives in the real thing. 

Facebook interview with Leonardo DiCaprio 

Officials encourage people to phone for aid instead of jumping into frigid water, but it’s incredible that DiCaprio saved his pups. DiCaprio is fortunate that he and his dogs are out of the cold water where they may have suffered permanent damage to their bodies and minds. When his pets were in danger, DiCaprio acted instinctively like any other concerned dog owner. Simply put, he cared about their welfare and did everything he could to ensure it. 

To keep them company, Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Camila Morrone have three Huskies. The two children he brought to the set are Jack and Jill, whom he and his wife will adopt in 2020 after having them as foster children. The puppies had never seen a frozen lake before because they were raised in Southern California. Because they were investigating it too closely, they ended up drowning. 

When one of the dogs jumped in, DiCaprio supposedly didn’t waste any time in doing the same. The other dog then followed its companion into the freezing water after DiCaprio had pushed it out. The puppies didn’t appear to have any capacity for self-correction. 

Now we were all in the freezing lake together,” DiCaprio explained. “Well, the other one started licking the one that was drowning.” 

Incoming! Dog Dad to the Rescue 

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