Loki The Stray Kitten Stops Man On Street and Poses Between His Feet

TikToker Justin was out walking one day when a tiny black kitten (later named Loki) appeared near his feet. As he tried to walk, the kitten rushed between his feet, and rolled over, posing ever-so-cutely between them.

“Oh, hello little fella,” he said as the kitten rolled on his back and looked up at him from between his sneakers. It’s as if he’s saying, “Oh hai there.”

“You like me or something,” Justin said.

Then, it seems the young man had already picked out a name, saying “Loki. Hey buddy.”

Next, we see the kitten intently following him along the pavement. Was Justin selected by this kitten for a reason or was it merely random?

You Are the Chosen One

After posting the TikTok, it went viral, reaching over 7.4M views to date. On Instagram, it was reshared, inspiring many comments like:

“He just adopted you now take him home 😂.”

“You are the chosen one😉👍💪💪🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.”

“That kitty found you, my man.”

“Keep him love him and he’ll love you back. Nothing better.”

As cat lovers know, it’s a big deal to be chosen by a cat, and we see it frequently. Recently, we shared the story of another black kitten named Jack, who adopted a family in Texas after randomly appearing at their home one day. Amazingly, it made no difference that the family had three large dogs. Immediately, they accepted the cat into the home as if it was all part of the plan all along.

Ever since then, Jack became a beloved family member. So, it’s unsurprising that many people wanted a similar outcome for Justin and Loki.

What Happened to Loki?

In a follow-up after the viral TikTok, Justin shared the news of what happened to Loki. As it turns out, Loki’s instinct to seek Justin for help was the right move. Because he is very much an animal lover! And for animal lovers, it’s not a stretch to think that animals can often sense when somebody has the right vibe. 

“That’s the 2nd stray I’ve helped save in the past month,” he said. “I love animals, [and] I always try to help where I can.”

After Loki appeared, Justin became “very attached,” but he could not keep him. Instead, he worked on finding him a forever home, selecting someone he trusted carefully.

He then shared more videos of Loki before taking him to a woman who was “absolutely in love” with the kitten.

“You’re going to a good home. She’s going to take really good care of you, ok?”

‘I’m Glad We Crossed Paths’

In another update, Justin shared more images of Loki in his new home.

“My journey with him wasn’t long but I’m glad we crossed paths,” he said. In a comment, he said the woman kept the name Loki.

“I love people who do good deeds just like this. It reminds me that this is how us human should be/do and act. 🥺🥰” responded someone after seeing the TikTok.

“Good job sir, i can understand why you helped him find a home, the way he rubbed all over you, he needed love,” said another person.

We agree, and thanks Justin for stopping to care for this little one. In this case, it may have saved Loki’s life, and maybe this little fella knew somehow when he encountered him on the street?


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