Man Frees Dog From The 10 Years Of Chains

Animal lovers prepare a box of tissues ready as this is on emotional story. Do not worry as this clip will have you jumping for joy by the end of it! After being chained up outside for his entire life, this brave dog is finally rescued from a life of cruelty in this unbelievably beautiful story documented by user ‘jpiper84’.

Now named Rusty Diamond, this dog now has a chance at a new and happy life.

What a heartwarming and memorable story this is! Meet Rusty Diamond, a dog who was wrongly labelled as an aggressive dog that would bite. He was also chained up for over ten years – he has never received human affection, gone on his first walk, doesn’t know his own name or even basic commands that could save his life. Until he met one man who decided to change his life forever

. Jared Piper first came across Rusty chained up all alone in the Arizonian heat, with flies swarming over him and motor oil covering his fur. His collar and chains were rusty, too. At first, Rusty snarled and barked at Jared.

Later on, Rusty grows to slowly trust Jared, and Jared knew that he could not leave him there any longer. After negotiating with Rusty’s former owner, Rusty is taken to a veterinary clinic where he got all prepped to meet his adoptive family.

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