Man Tried To Commit Suicide And His Cat Prevented Him

A man threatened to jump from the third floor of a building in downtown San Francisco, California in the United States, while people watched terrified from below. The man tried to commit suicide and his cat prevented him.

Man tried to commit suicide and his cat prevented him

He was suspected of stealing a car, so he could not stand the pursuit. The subject was barefoot and dressed only in shorts, was very distressed and hanging from a window on the third floor of a building threatening to jump. The trained police department negotiators were on a fire escape, while officers set foam pads under it. Clearly the San Francisco police were determined to help him, since he may have made some mistakes in a desperate moment, but they did not want him to make the biggest mistake of all: Jump.

They were having problems. The negotiations on the cornice lasted for 3 hours. The man could not find a sufficient reason to change his decision. After three hours without success, the reinforcements arrived in furry shape, orange and white, it was this man’s cat. Using his pet, the negotiators could convince him to go back inside the building, down the stairs and surrender.

After 45 minutes after the arrival of the cat, the event of more than three hours had ended.

“The use of the cat was ingenious,” said agent Albie Esparza, a police spokesman. “Never underestimate the power of love between people and their pets.” “I do not remember using a cat before, but it worked,” Esparza said. “The guy came voluntarily through the window and opened the door and was stopped without incident.”

The family, both human and animal, remains united even in the most difficult moments and this cat still has its human being alive and repairing the mistakes it could have made because of the desperation.

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