Manny “The Selfie Cat” and his Selfiecat Security

If you haven’t seen Manny The Selfie Cat and his Selfiecat Security team, you’re in for a treat. 

In November 2013, an Instagrammer, Yorem Ahm, started sharing GoPro camera shots on Instagram. First, the pictures offered a view of up-close animals, seagulls in flight, a giraffe’s blue tongue, curious horses. 

Then, by the following November, a gray Tabby cat appeared, looking like he’d taken his own selfie. It all happened by chance.

“Manny learned to use the camera by chance when he reached out to touch the camera during a shoot one day,” Ahm said.

Soon after “Manny The Selfie Cat” was born, “Your mom’s favorite cat,” states the page caption. 

Manny the Selfie Cat and Selfiecat Security

As cats often do, Manny quickly became an internet star, attracting thousands of likes and comments. Often, he appeared with his Rottweiler “Selfiecat security.” 

As you can see, Manny is no ordinary cat and considers himself the Alpha of the pack. Besides the Rotties, there is also a pit bull and a spaniel who frequently appear. 

According to Ahm, this cat “thinks he’s a dog” and “loves people.”

“Goooooood Morning! 📸😹”

Manny and the Art of the Photobomb 

Like many cats we know at Cole and Marmalade, Manny is anything but camera shy. However, how he takes a selfie remains a “secret.”

“He is very curious, and whenever I take pics of my dogs, he basically ‘photobombs’ the camera and tries to take it from me,” Ahm said.

As Manny became a sensation, Ahm joked that fame changed the cat, making him “a little narcissistic.” However, the cat’s human servant enjoys seeing how many people love the pictures.

“If people smile from him, that’s even better.”

Manny the Selfie Cat Rescued as a Stray

Over the years, Manny became national news, appearing on ABC and Ellen. It all started when Ahm and his wife from northern Arizona rescued Manny as a stray.

“He just showed up one day and hasn’t left,” Ahm said.

Soon after appearing in that first GoPro picture, the cat pretty much took over the interwebs.

It seems this cat, like many folks we know today, is obsessed with taking selfies. Like all the Insta-celebs, he never seems to have a dull moment, one moment riding a skateboard or a rollercoaster with a seal. The next moment, he’s posting a FaceTime call with a donkey or appearing in faraway places like Thailand or Egypt. 

In another scene, Manny and a Lion appear to have a selfie together. 😂

“Hakuna Matata 🦁”

And, who’s to say Manny wasn’t in The Shining? Or for that matter, that seals can’t ride rollercoasters? For Manny, anything is possible, and here’s the picture to prove it. 😉🦭🎢

“Heere’s Mannyy” 🙀

Thanks to Yorem Ahm and Manny the Selfie Cat


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