Meaty The Dog Has The Best Pibble Smile

Meatball, also known as Meaty, was living at a shelter in Central Valley, California when he got saved by the Fresno Bully Rescue before he got euthanised. During his time at the rescue, Lisa Reilly noticed him, especially because of his sweet face. She was drawn to him also because to resembled her pittie that she had lose just 3 months earlier.

Once Lisa got him home and all comfortable, he was so happy he started smiling. And he never stopped. His happy and quirky smile is so adorable and infectious and you can’t help but smile along with him.

Meaty now had a furever family with his new mom Lisa and his new dad Joe. He even got new doggo siblings, 2 pitties called Punky and Ricardo Tubbs, and 2 Dachshunds called Bitty and Dappe.

His smile is so lovely and his personality is so awesome that he has so many fans from around the world! His mom has photos and videos of Meaty on her Instagram page where she has 150k followers who all cherish Meaty.

Sadly, Meaty and his sibling Punky have since crossed over to the rainbow bridge. But they have made their mark on the world before passing. They are, and will always be, sorely missed.

While it is so sad to know that this smiley boy doesn’t smile on Earth anymore, we’re sure he’s grinning away over at the rainbow bridge.

Scroll down to see photos of Meaty in remembrance and celebration of this glorious good boi.

Meet Meatball. He’s also called Meaty for short.

He’s probably the smiliest boi you’ll ever see!

Since he got to his furever home, he started smiling and never stopped.

Since he started smiling, he has brightened everyone’s lives so so much.

Not just of his own family, but also the lives of people on the Internet too.

He even loved dressing up in cute costumes. Here’s him as a little bunny!

Aww look! It’s a little Valentine’s Day bear!

Even when he was resting, he was still smiling.

No matter what he was doing, no matter where he was, Meaty was always smiling.

This is Meaty with his mom, Lisa. She saw his photo and decided to take him home. And they never looked back!

They look so happy together!

Meaty and his mom definitely loved each other.

This is Meaty with his dad Joe.

According to Lisa, Joe and Meaty immediately had a really close connection. She said sometimes she felt like a third wheel when Meaty and Joe were together!

Well, look at these cool dudes together! They clearly had a very special connection.

When Lisa and Joe were getting married, Meaty had a very special role in it all.

And look how adorable this little family is in this photo!

Meaty had the best smile ever! Run free on the rainbow bridge, sweet angel!

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