Mom Captures Heartwarming Video Of Her 4-Year-Old With Cerebral Palsy Learning To Walk

Shanell Jones has graced social media with one of the most heartwarming stories we’ve seen in a long time. Shanell is a single mother to two daughters, Parker and Kinley. Kinley is 4 years old. Two years ago, Kinley was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Though her case is mild, it affects the little girl’s motor skills.

Kinley’s family has worked hard to provide her all the support they possibly can. She’s received physical and occupational therapy. Shanell and Kinley’s grandparents help her build strength with walks up and down the stairs and on treadmills. They even practice jumping with the precious little girl on a trampoline.

It’s clear what a difference Kinley’s family has made in her progress. Shanell shared two videos on Facebook, one from January 2019 and one from this January. In the videos, Shanell shows how Kinley is walking without a walker. The amount of progress that she’s made in just 365 days is truly inspiring and a wonderful reminder to us all that anything is possible.

Shanell Jones has inspired and touched millions of people, all with two short videos. Shanell is a single mom to two daughters, Parker and Kinley. Her videos featured 4-year-old Kinley, who is living with cerebral palsy.

The videos show the progress Kinley has made in walking without her walker. Shanell and her family have been doing a lot to help Kinley. Despite the fact that her cerebral palsy is mild, her motor skills are affected.

“January 10, 2019 is the first video and January 4, 2020 is the second video. I cannot stop crying tears of joy for my precious Princess,” Shanell wrote.

“Being a single mother was never promised to be easy but I promise you CAN do it. God is real and no matter how many people told me about good wheelchairs and why don’t you push her instead of carrying her ‘heavy’ self, I just knew God was pushing her to exceed all expectations.”

“All the therapy sessions and visits to Chapel Hill were all worth it🙏🏽,” she continued. Her point is proven by the beautiful progress seen in the two videos. “Never believe MAN or you’ll always get disappointed.”

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The video has been seen by over 3 million people. “It brings joy to my heart that my daughter is bringing hope to people,” Shanell told Good Morning America. “People reached out saying, ‘I didn’t feel like my child was ever going to walk, but this video helped me have faith.’”

Shanell says that Kinley was diagnosed at 2 years old. “It was a shock to all of us, my parents as well,” Jones explained. “We were looking at each other thinking, ‘What can we do to help her out?’ It does affect her when she walks.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 1 in 345 children are living with cerebral palsy. Treatment varies from child to child, but it may include family training, counseling, and occupational, physical, and speech therapy. Kinley has had both occupational and physical therapy.

Kinley’s mom and grandparents are also a big help in helping her improve her strength. Sometimes, they do that by walking up and down the stairs or on a treadmill. Other times, they have fun practicing jumps on a trampoline.

“She’s sassy, but she’s very, very smart,” Shanell proudly said. “What really inspired me to want to push Kinley was her motivation — her being so young and not really understanding that she’s not able to walk as well as others. There’s so many times where she wants to give up and she doesn’t.”

Kinley is shooting for the stars. Shanell says that she dreams of being a YouTube star with her very own cooking channel. It looks like she’s well on her way to making those dreams come true with how happy she looks in the kitchen.

Shanell hopes that she and Kinley can continue to inspire and educate others about living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy, which Kinley also lives with. In a Facebook post, she expressed how happy she was to learn how many people had seen their videos. “We want to continue to thank everyone for your love and support ❤️❤️,” she began.

“Kinley is back in school from Christmas break so she’s getting back to her routine which is about to change a little now that we’re working on her YouTube channel,” she continued.

“To everyone that wants to follow her journey her IG is @therealkinleyj and her YouTube is in the works. Again we appreciate everyone’s love and support and we want to continue to allow everyone to watch Kinley’s journey.”

We can’t wait to follow Kinley as she continues to take social media by storm. Her story is truly inspirational, and you can tell it’s all thanks to the love and support her family has given her. Their hard work will continue to help her thrive for years to come.

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