Now He Is Alone:An Old Dog Became A Guide For A Blind Stafford

Amos is a Stafford who was born in a shelter. His mother gave birth to a litter of puppies but only 3 of them survived. One was Stafford who had some health issues.

The whole staff liked Stafford and as soon as they felt that the dog had some health issues they started to take him to the vet. The vets found that he had blood pressure problems and suffered from headaches. After a few attempts, the vets understood that they couldn’t help the dog. They decided that Amos should have his eyes removed. But the dog found comfort in his lovely owner Jess.

Jess had another old canine too named Toby. She was afraid that toby wouldn’t like Amos. But Toby became his best friend and guide. He guided the blind dog almost everywhere and comforted him very much.

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