Owner Records Dog Sneezing Like A Real-Life Cartoon,And It Is Just Too Funny!

Maggie is a 19-year-old rat terrier who has the most adorable allergy attacks you’ve ever seen. Many dogs have an aversion to pollen and actually have to take medicine just like humans, but her reaction takes the cake.

In a commendable effort to stay cool, calm and collected, Maggie can’t help but let out a sneeze of gigantic proportions. And then another… and then another… and you get the point. It’s not the quantity, however, that entertains as much as it the quality of her boisterous blows. By that, I’m referring to how she does it. First, she takes in a few big breaths while raising her nose to the ceiling. Then comes the beginning of the release when she points her head to the ground, making what seems like a normal sneezing sound. But then comes the best part, the extended, high-pitched noise in addition to a total twist and turn of the head.

It’s somewhat difficult to explain but imagine how a dog shakes when they’re drying themselves off and imagine them sneezing at the same exact time. You get the gist.

Watch the hilarious video below.

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