Paralyzed Cat Becomes Self Appointed Nurse In Vet Clinic

With a name like Lucifer, you wouldn’t expect much in the way of good deeds from this black cat – but you’d be sorely mistaken.

Nicknamed “Luc” and “Lucik,” this beautiful black cat lived at an animal clinic in Perm, Russia. He was already paralyzed when he was taken in and the clinic workers who cared for him believe it’s from spinal damage suffered after getting crushed in a door.

But Lucik never felt sorry for himself. In fact, his life was so full that he spent his time comforting other animals at the clinic who were scared.

He even helped out with administrative duties – and you could find him greeting customers at the reception desk!

Luc’s presence calmed down everyone around him and he was allowed the run of the clinic. You could even find him consulting on patients.

Here, he’s clearly listening closely to see what kind of attention an animal in need will require later when he’s on cuddle duty.

Because of his disability, the sweet kitty had to drag himself around on his front paws – his back legs just didn’t function properly though they could bear a little weight. However, he once admitted in a blog post (yes, his own blog post) that it might not be all that bad:

“…(just don’t tell anyone about this, let it be our little secret, otherwise my family in robes will stop carrying me in their arms).”

Part of his healing presence likely came from knowing what it’s like to suffer and feel alone.

And that’s why he didn’t want any other animal to go through it.

No one made the cat go in and spend time with the furry patients, Luc just began doing it himself when he was being treated there.

As a result, the facility decided to keep and care for him.

He even donated blood to other cats (ok, that part he probably didn’t suggest himself).

Of course, Luc didn’t restrict his attention to cats – any animal that came in was partly under his care.

He spent time getting to know the canine patients as well.

Just look at those little broken legs splayed out while he keeps this pup company!

While families tried to adopt him over the years, his disability made it impossible for him to use a litter box and each time he was returned – the stress of those failed rehomings was the reason the clinic decided to let him live there.

Luc was so popular that the veterinary clinic has started using him as a model for their marketing campaigns – and we can’t blame them.

His bedside manner is certainly something to brag about!

In many ways, Lucik was just like any other cat. He wanted attention and praise – and sometimes just to be left alone.

He was happy to partake of any boxes left on the floor if he was in need of a bit of a break.

The fact that his hind legs didn’t function was really secondary to the cat’s good nature and willingness to partake in the hard work of comforting other sick animals.

That’s a pretty unique quality as far as we’re concerned!

And we’re equally impressed that sick animals seemed to be accepting of him as well – we all know that when animals don’t feel their best they don’t act their best either. But Lucik had a calming presence.

Had. Was. Used to.

Sadly, Lucik passed away suddenly this year, yet another casualty of a terrible year around the world.

The clinic took some time for themselves before they told Luc’s online fans what had happened. On May 25th they announced that he developed an acute urinary tract infection on May 8th, something he suffered from all his life due to his spinal damage.

Everything that could be done was done in order to try to save his life, but eventually his coworkers – who were also his family – had to make the tough decision to let him go.

As you can imagine, hundreds of messages immediately poured in from around the world in honor of his beautiful deeds.

He was a very good cat and he’ll be missed by fans and family alike.

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