Paralyzed Dog Lives alone Under Sun and Rain Gets Rescued

Homeless animals already face a lot of challenges. It’s challenging enough to find a place to live, food, and clean water. For healthy stray animals, doing so is risky, but picture how it would be for a paralyzed dog! It’s not feasible! Kuya Bon struggled to survive despite his disabilities. His owner abandoned him after being struck by a car because he was worthless.

Kuya Bon need care, but his heartless owner was unable to provide it. He forcibly removed him from the only residence he had ever known. He hadn’t been seen on the streets by a kind person in a very long time. He experienced many days of rain throughout the monsoon season. It’s amazing he has endured this long

From a distance, a compassionate woman spotted the dog and went to get Kuya Bon a bowl of food. She set the dish down next to him as she approached. She wished to observe the state of his legs. Kuya Bon slithered to the bowl of food despite his challenges and cheerfully ate. She was aware that he required immediate veterinarian attention. She would fork out her own cash to assist him.

The woman called a local rescuer while waiting for Kuya Bon to get his x-rays. She begged for his help knowing she couldn’t keep Kuya Bon and he did not belong back out on the streets. He agreed to take him. Kuya Bon is recuperating at the vet clinic as we speak. It’s uncertain where he will end up but what is for sure is that he will never be back out on the streets again! Please scroll down to view Kuya Bon’s rescue! He is now safe, and we are thankful.

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