Photographer Capture Three Dancing Bear Cubs Having Fun (9 Pics)

Things like dancing bears are usually something only out of a fairy tale.

Thankfully photography enthusiast and teacher Valtteri Mulkahainen saw the scene happening in real life and captured it in these amazing photos.

He was exploring the Finnish forest one day when he saw a bear and her three cubs waking into a clearing, he says “I hid and watched to see what they would do.”

While the momma bear was relaxing on her own, the youngsters were much more energetic, he shares:

“The cubs played among themselves like little children. They stood in a circle and began to push each other, stamping their feet, it was like dancing in a circle. They stood there for about half a minute, pushing and shoving.”

“Then they started fighting and all were in one pile on the ground.” Thankfully Valtteri was in the right place and the right time to capture all of this with his camera.

He shares about his photography: “I love photographing Finnish nature and wild animals. Finnish nature, especially in Lapland in winter, is very beautiful.”


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