Puppy Runs To Same Spot In The Backyard Daily, Owner Shows Why With Emotional Tik Tok

Charles Ramil could not figure out why his Great Pyrenees puppy would go out to the backyard and sit in the same spot day after day. It seemed as though something “drew” his pooch, Cloud Avalanche, to the same grassy area day after day. The Denton, Texas dog dad was determined to get to the bottom of his pup’s behavior, so he started filming each day. “We were wondering why he always stay at the same spot every day,” he shared on TikTok. “Then this happened.”

The clip shows the puppy going outside and trying to look through a gap in the fence between his yard and the neighbor’s yard. Something is causing the dog to stare at the area, but Charles has no idea what it is. Suddenly, a child’s small hand and tiny face appear through the gap. The neighbor’s child wanted to pet the dog, but with a fence separating them, it was nearly impossible.

“One day, our neighbors decided to block the space,” he wrote. “It’s been months now, and he still goes there whenever he hears the kid.” Charles explained the fence was there one day, and the neighbors never asked permission. He didn’t mind since he wanted to avoid confrontation, but his dog’s heart was shattered at not being able to hang out with the neighbor’s child each day. The tender video clip ends with the dog, who is now about a year old, patiently waiting by the fence where the gap used to be.

Millions of people chimed in that the video was beautiful and poignant, but they feel sad for the dog and child who can no longer play together. One TikTok user suggested Charles go next door and ask if their dog can have a playdate with the child. Another chimed in with, “Not me, tearing up over a fence.” Dogs and kids can be the best of friends, and not even a fence can separate the bond of love between them.

@chrlsrml Answer @im_siowei Still can’t believe this blew up. Thank you everyone! #fyp #dog #puppy ♬ original sound – Charles Ramil

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