Puppy was Trapped In A Septic Tank,But What This Police Officer Did Next Will Melt Your Heart

Police Officers from Florida’s St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office were wrapping up a call when they heard something that made them stop in their tracks. A practically imperceptible whimpering was coming from an open septic drain on the property they were called to. What they found inside forced them to jump into action.

A puppy with his little head barely above the dirty water was desperately calling for help. The slippery sides of the septic tank kept him from crawling out, but the officers were able to pull the pup to safety.

After searching for the puppy’s owner to no avail, Officer James Gettings decided to take the little guy’s care into his own hands. The pup was scared and exhausted from his ordeal in the sewage tank, but it was clear by his demeanor he had all the love in the world to give.

Gettings took the pup to his home and began to clean the puppy up. It took several baths and more than a few hours, but after some diligent care and a few bowls of food the pup seemed to come to life again.

Gettings promptly decided to adopt the pup and aptly named him Puddle. The sweet little pup now has a family to call his own and doesn’t have a care in the world.

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