Russian Army’s Dog Switches to Ukrainian Side After Being

A Lost Military Russian Dog Changed The Combat Army After An Ukrainian Fighter
Rescued Him.💖

It Is Believed That The Dog Was Frightened Off By The Ongoing War Effort And Ran Away Along With Others.💖

Max, a special forces fighting beagle was found in malnourished and fey condition after he joined many tight combats since Vladimir Putin started invasion.

After one of the most intense wars, he was left behind by the Russian army and now handed over to Ukrainian forces. When they saw him, he was still wearing a Russian camouflage hoop.

He was getting used to the Ukrainians and being recovered to normal. He has learnt to become an Ukrainian soldier and now his job is discover booby-trap and unexploded bomb.

He’s Learned Ukrainian And Now Works Sniffing Out Booby Traps And Unexploded Explosives.💖

A member of Ukrainian army, Dmitry said: “From now on, Max will stand on the right side, protecting Ukraine and nibbling Russian butts”

“Max has become a big darling among the guards”, one soldier noted.

So far, the dog executed commands only in Russian, but he’s quickly learning to respond to Ukrainian commands as well.

Existence sniffing out booby traps and unexploded mines for the Ukrainians.💖

“Ukrainians love dogs, they see them as family members”. Max was a member of Kremlin soldiers who were stationed near the Black Sea in the Mykolaiv area.

The war is in its 90th day, yet the spirit of the Ukrainian people stands strong with hopes of victory.

I’m amazed that the Russians abandoned one of these creatures because they are a highly prized asset.💖

The attachment between a dog and its handler is also quite strong. It would be the equivalent of abandoning a member of your family.

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