Russian Special Forces Dog Switches Sides After It Was Found Abandoned, By Ukrainian Soldiers

An abandoned Russian war dog has switched sides and is now defending Ukrainian troops on the battlefield.

Meet Max, a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, who was found malnourished by Ukrainians in the Mykolaiv area and nursed back to health.

After being taught to understand Ukrainian orders, he was reconditioned as a minesweeping dog.

“From now on, Max will serve on the right side, defending Ukraine and nibbling Russian asses.” said Dmitry, a member of the Ukrainian National Guard.

His comrade added: “Max has become a real favorite with the guards. We can’t understand why the Russians would leave behind such as lovely animal.”

“Ukrainians love dogs, they regard them as part of the family.”

Max was discovered still wearing the Russian dog’s camouflaged collar.

“Malinois are the same breed used by the SAS and the SBS,” a British special forces member told the Daily Star.  They are brave, highly intelligent, and athletic animals.

“They are tremendously loyal but Max has obviously been ­convinced that the Ukrainians are now his new masters.”

“I’m very surprised that one of these animals was actually ­abandoned by the Russians because they are a highly-prized asset.”

“Also the bond between a dog and its handler is very strong. It would be like leaving a member of your family behind.”


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