Savers Pets

One day a man decided to visit shelters, where he met two pitbulls which had to be his saviors. Seeing animals in a sad situation, he adopted them. Their names are Elizabetty and Lullaby.

Apparently, their owner abandoned them, but life got back together these two. They were desperate, and human interaction was really difficult for them. Being informed about this story, Robert McGowan decided to take them, even though he had in mind to rescue just one and only for not being alone. Immediate reaction was shocking, because dogs started to show love and gratitude despite their traumatic past. One day Robert was repairing his car, when four people invaded his house.

One of them was demanding the car’s kee, but they were in the house. Knowing this, three intruders surrounded Robert, and one of them went to bring the key. Two loyal pets were waiting for the owner, but seeing the intruder they became aggressive, activated their defense instinct and started barking. He ran out of the house and when his friends understood what’s going on, they joined him. This could end badly, if the dogs weren’t at home. Dogs saved his life, as he did to them.

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