Silver Tabby Tuxedo Sisters Ally And Amanda, Saved From Trash Can

Caroline from Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles shares the story of two adorable silver tabby tuxedo sisters, Ally and Amanda, who were shockingly “thrown in the trash in a box to die” at one week old. For the rescuers, and us, it was infuriating to learn what some cruel person had done.

Fortunately, someone heard them meowing in the trash and got them out. And after some networking online, the kittens were on the way to Baby Kitten Rescue. At the time, both had eye infections and were “low energy,” but with round-the-clock care and an incubator, they pulled through.

“These 1 week old girls were found thrown in the trash in a box to die💔🤬😤🤯😭,” the rescue shared. “Please SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!!! And if you don’t spay your cat, and she gets pregnant, don’t mercilessly rip her babies from her and throw them in the trash to die a slow, painful death!!!🤬 I’m sorry, but this just infuriates me. There is no excuse for this kind of cruelty. And unfortunately, this happens way too often.”

💕 Ally and Amanda – Worthy of Safe, Happy Lives 💕

First, Amanda’s eyes began to open and then her sister’s.

“Amanda & Ally are 2 weeks old!🥳 They were not in the best shape when they arrived. But over the last week, they have started to feel better each day, and now their personalities are blossoming!👏😻 They both purr endlessly after their bottle and roll over on their backs for belly rubs🥺🥰.” 

“They are the sweetest girls, and they are treasured, loved, and worthy of the safe and happy life they get to have now🙏❤️”

“Amanda & Ally’s cuteness levels off the charts🤯😻🤩✨”

Ally and Amanda Meet Roger

After passing quarantine, the kittens joined with a new friend, Roger, a little white color point kitten. Meanwhile, the rescuers were caring for 30 kittens at one time!

“Roger, Ally, & Amanda🥰”

Before, he was lonely but much happier with his new friends. Around three weeks old, they would graduate from the incubator to the playpen together.

The Sisters Seek a Forever Home Together

Since mid-May, the cuties have been looking for a forever home where the bonded duo can always be together. As you may know, adopting in bonded pairs is generally best in many ways, including giving the kittens a playmate.

“Ally and Amanda are both such sweet and affectionate girls. They both are confident, playful, and so loving🥰,” the rescue shared. “[They] are a bonded pair and must be adopted together❤️. I still can’t believe these perfect girls were thrown away in the trash😭 I’m so happy they were saved by kind humans and made their way to BKR🙏”

In another post, we learn that somehow nobody has scooped up this dynamic duo, but Roger has found a home.

“Ally & Amanda are still looking for their forever home together!😻🙏 Ally & Amanda are both super sweet and loving🥹 Amanda is the adventurous one that loves to play and explore. Ally loves to cuddle and just hang out on your lap🥰,” the rescue writes.

Days ago, the duo and their pre-adopted pal Roger were looking cute as ever.

“I’m shocked we haven’t had any apps for Ally & Amanda!!😢 Not only are these sisters adorable silver tabby tuxedos, but they are both the sweetest, snuggliest, most easy going and adaptable kittens🥹😻”

🐈‍⬛ Baby Kitten Rescue 🐈

If you live in the LA area, you could adopt a sweet duo like Ally and Amanda. To learn more, you can follow their story on Instagram. Right now, the Baby Kitten Rescue and shelters nationwide are experiencing a surge of babies as they do each spring. Recently, we shared the story of Jamie the Kittens Foster, who works with the same rescuers and has worked to save seven adorable kittens dubbed “The Rainbow Brite” kittens.

To help out, people of all skill levels can begin fostering. If you are interested, inquire with a local shelter or rescue, and they will generally help you get started. Often, people start with older kittens since don’t require the same level of round-the-clock care. Tips about getting started and resources are also found on the Baby Kitten Rescue website.


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