There are around 70,000 wild horses in the United States. In truth, these are “feral” horses derived from animals that “went wild” in the 1500s, not “wild” horses descended from beasts that were never domesticated.

They live in Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona, and Montana and are closely related to Spanish horses. This is the story of a herd of wild horses and Champ, the stallion who saved a man’s daughter from drowning. This story will captivate all animal enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate horses.

A herd is a group of wild horses that consists of a stallion, some mares, and their progeny. When another herd of horses arrived on the opposite side of the river to drink, it disrupted this herd’s drinking location.

In that herd, two juvenile colts were engaged in “horse play” along the water’s edge. When the first herd got interested, a few of them crossed to greet their new neighbors.

With them all, a very little filly went into the river. As a result, she began to be swept away by the river’s current. She was afraid until her stallion father rushed to her help. But his daughter couldn’t go in the water without his supervision!

His neck grasp gently carried her out of the deep water and onto dry land. He wouldn’t let go as long as he had her secure. The stallion simply went away, leaving her alone with her mother.

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